SGR0151 Ashley Wildcat vs Scorpion - Dirty Pro Match

Ashley Wildcat certainly lives up to her name in her Strong Girls Rule debut as attacks Scorpion with reckless abandon.  The spunky American blonde is full of confidence as she compares her biceps to Scorpion’s confidently telling the Brit grappler that she is going to beat her ass today.

Scorpion looks distinctly unimpressed, and unworried about her challenger, and in this best of three submissions match from the outset it looks like an easy contest for the redhead.


Appearances however can be deceiving and its Scorpion who finds herself on the defensive as Ashley Wildcat pulls Scorpion to the mat and shoves her “American Boobies” into the SGR regular’s face.


Unbelievably singing as she does so, Ashley Wildcat traps Scorpion in a headscissors before grabbing her legs and pulling them wide whilst keeping the headscissor applied.  Scorpion perhaps in the quickest submission in her career taps, but Ashley isn’t playing nice and refuses to release the hold.


But perhaps Ashley should have taken the threat of Scorpion more seriously and soon it is the blonde tapping as she is trapped in a camel clutch and sleeperhold combination.  Ms Wildcat isn’t signing now as for the first time she feels Scorpion’s strength and wicked nature.


Now the pleasantries are out of the way the two gladiators trade holds and dirty tactics as scissors, stomach claws, hair pulling and more are used to weaken each other as they battle back and forth.


Eventually one proud warrior is trapped in a Bow and arrow hold and has to reluctantly tap out and is forced to suffer the indignity of having her foe sitting on her head and flexing in victory.


Scorpion wears a shiny silver spandex bikini

Ashley Wildcat wears a black metallic spandex bikini top with patterned bikini bottoms

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