SGR0149 Gia Love vs Scorpion - Thong Leotard - Dirty Tactics Pro War

At the beginning of their match Gia Love and Scorpion are comparing their stats, Scorpion has a little height over her American opponent, but they are about the same weight.  But as Gia Love points out she is younger.  This angers Scorpion and the match is on, although both women use pro-moves they both also make liberal use of dirty tactics.


Scissors, camel clutches, boston crabs, grapevines, surfboards and even a texas cloverleaf are used as both women demonstrate their technical prowess, but they both are quite happy to break the rules too.


Crotch claws, gouges and rakes are used with Gia Love showing a tendency to use nipple twists, the thong leotards both wrestlers are wearing leave their asses exposed for slaps and raking.


Their gorgeous figures are on full display as they are contorted into hold after hold, eventually one wrestler is trapped in a ceiling hold and has little choice but to concede the match.


Scorpion wears a black thong leotard

Gia Love wears a white thong leotard

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