SGR0148 Saharra Huxley vs Scorpion - Amazon Pro Ring War

There are not many women in the wrestling scene who make Scorpion look small, but the American amazon powerhouse Saharra Huxley is on of them.  Saharra waits in the ring for the jobber they have sent her today, when Scorpion makes her entrance.


The redhead from London is not happy at being referred to as a jobber and shows Huxley that she isn’t no jobber by utlising some dirty tactics by mauling her crotch, raking her eyes and kneeing her in the stomach.  Normally this would be enough for Scorpion to gain the upper hand against most wrestlers, Saharra Huxley isn’t most wrestlers however, she grabs Scorpion’s leg and throws her off halfway across the ring.


Scorpion only gains brief reprieves by using dirty tactics but Saharra doesn’t seem fazed by them, and once she grabs hold of Scorpion it’s all downhill.


Body splashes, butt drops, scissors are just a few of the moves used to punish Scorpion, at one point Scorpion climbs the turnbuckle to jump at the American amazon, but Saharra catches her in mid air and drops the redhead over her knee in a painful backbreaker.


Scorpion puts up a valiant effort, but Saharra Huxley is just too powerful, too strong and too dominating, and once she gets the British grappler in the Huxley Gator Roll it’s all over.


We’ve seen Scorpion on the losing end before, but never in her career as she been steamrolled and dominated like this.


Saharra Huxley wears a black swimsuit with fishnet tights

Scorpion wears a blue bikini


Please note there is a minor wardrobe malfunction near the end of this match

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