SGR0147 Tyler Dare vs Inferno - Shiny bikini pro match

It’s the battle of the redheads as Tyler Dare takes on the sexiest redhead in the UK wrestling scene Inferno on the SGR Mats.


Inferno tells the visitor that there is only one redhead wrestler in the UK, but Tyler disagrees and the battle is on.  Both wrestlers inflicts pain on the other as they each use every tool in their arsenal.


Bodyscissors, grapevines, breast smothers and facesits are all used effectively as they battle to and fro.


But there can be only one victor as one proud redhead is laid out and defeated by a facesit followed by a breast smother, but will it be the popular UK wrestler Inferno or the visiting redhead Tyler Dare who reigns supreme in this hotly contested mat battle.


Inferno wears a silver shiny spandex micro bikini

Tyler Dare wears a gold shiny spandex micro bikini

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