SGR0146 Dirty Tactics - Megan Jones vs Scorpion

Megan Jones squares off against Scorpion and immediately dominates her with punches, knees and kicks.  Megan is totally in control as she snapmares Scorpion three times, and then makes her submit with a wicked arm submission forcing the British grappler to submit.


Scorpion grabs her phone and makes a call, and shows Megan a photo of her family who have been kidnapped, and tells her that if she throws the match then no harm will come to them.  Megan has no choice but to agree.


It’s now Scorpion’s turn to punish Megan with a variety of submissions and holds, including camel clutches with fish hooks, iron claws, bites, chokes, figure four leg-hook and reaching into her bikini bottoms to deliver a pussy claw.


She grabs a rope whipping the latin beauty with it, before tieing her up and forcing her to sign a contract.


If you want to see the beautiful Megan Jones dominated and grimacing in pain then this specially produced custom match is for you.


Scorpion wears red Calvin Klein sports bra and briefs with white shiny tights

Megan Jones wears purple Calvin Klein sports bra and briefs with white shiny tights

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