SGR0145 Kay O in control

Chain Male we really have concerns for you, as you’ve obviously taken far too many blows to the head, refering to Miss KayO as a “fluffy unicorn” whilst patting her on the head is really not the most sensible thing to do is it at the start of the match with your track record?


Miss KayO is clearly unimpressed and doesn’t mess around or debate the situation so just punches him in the gut dropping him to his knees and that’s where he stays for the rest of the match.


In fact if his head isn’t trapped between those immensely powerful thighs, its’ trapped under her bum in a facesit, and there is nothing he can do as elbows and punches are used to add to the punishment.


It ends with a victorious Miss KayO, but she is not satisfied with just posing, she stands on his balls, and then full weight with both feet stands on him while posing.


Miss KayO wears a leopard print swimsuit with shiny pantyhose.

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