SGR0144 Bend Him! Stretch Him! Break Him! Scorpion in Action

Get your pen and paper ready because Scorpion is about to give a wrestling lesson, in fact make a checklist of your favourite submission holds, because you are going to see them all in this one.


Today’s ragdoll, sorry we mean opponent, is none other than Bert who is bent, stretched and broken by Scorpion as she inflicts excruciating pain with submission hold after submission hold.


The ever cocky and confident Bert has to suffer in camel clutches, boston crabs, cloverleafs, headscissors, and perhaps worse of all eye watering grapevines that stretch him to breaking point, and will cause any red-blooded males to cross their legs in sympathy.


Do we need to tell you how this one ends?  We are pretty sure you can guess.  


Scorpion wears a leopard print swimsuit with shiny pantyhose.

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