SGR0142 Deadly Justice dishes out the Punishment

Justice’s SGR wrestling debut was less than auspicious as she was out muscled and racked by Killpussy ( see SGR0130).  So she is keen to make amends, unfortunately for Chain Male, he’s just standing in her way and he just called her a girl.


Justice is legit tough as Chain Male finds out as he is just dumped to the mat hard, and camel clutched as she pulls back on his pony tail.


Things don’t get much better as he is absolutely destroyed with chokes, armbars, boston crabs and belly punches.  This is just a rough merciless beatdown, she may have lost to Killpussy in her debut but the nerves are definitely gone as Justice rains down destruction showing the SGR fans exactly what she can do.


You’ve been clamouring for more Justice, and SGR Wrestling is happy to provide.


Justice wears a sky blue swimsuit

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