SGR0141 Laken vs Scorpion - Speedo Pro War

Laken has it all, a drop dead figure with a killer smile.  The one thing she is missing is a win over the SGR Wrestling regulars, Scorpion and Killpussy.  In fact, Laken’s gorgeous body is normally stretched, bent and last time (SGR0124) torture racked across Killpussy’s shoulders.


Today, she is back and in a confident mood, as she has been training and working out in preparation for her match with Scorpion.  Both ladies compare bodies, with Scorpion deriding Laken for her losing streak, but she has to concede that Laken’s biceps have got bigger.


And it’s pretty obvious from the start that not everything is going to be as one-sided as their previous encounters as Laken holds her own in a prolonged test of strength, and then again in a lock-up.

And it’s Laken that gains the first submission with a boston crab, stretching Scorpion until she can take no more.  Scorpion brings her A-game hoisting Laken over her shoulders and using dirty tricks to beat the hot bodied Laken.


Arm bars, triangle chokes, leg spreaders, and groin stomps are used by both ladies in this all out war.  Will Laken get her first win or is it Scorpion flexing with her foot over Laken’s spent body?


Laken wears a red speedo swimsuit

Scorpion wears a black speedo swimsuit

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