SGR0140 Squashed and Slammed by Killpussy

It is becoming obvious by now that Chain Male may have taken a few too many bumps to the head from the constant beatings he has endured at the hands of the SGR ladies.  He enters each match confident that this will be the one where he picks up a tick in the win column.


This time is no different as he steps onto the mats to take on Killpussy, who to be blunt has no interest in his bluster and rhetoric, so she just hoists him up and slams him down then crushes his balls for good measure.


Chain Male is effortlessly thrown around like a rag doll as the immensely powerful Killpussy just slams him, and drops him across her knee in wicked back breakers and busts his balls.


Chain Male is destroyed….again, and Killpussy, looking ravishing in her new outfit, flexes above his battered and bruised corpse in victory.


Killpussy wears a custom two piece wrestling outfit with Wonder Woman motif, shiny pantyhose and white pro wrestling boots.

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