SGR0139 Lisa King vs Scorpion - Shiny Ring War

Lisa King takes on Scorpion at Manchester’s Wrestling Factory in a pro ring war.  Things don’t bode well from the start as the wrestlers enter the ring and find out that they are wearing the same outfit in different colours.  Scorpion tells Lisa that her’s is just a cheaper version and the war begins.


Both wrestlers seem to be on a mission to find out how flexible each other are with Lisa applying a wicked and wide leg spreader on Scorpion stretching her to nearly breaking point.  Only for later in the match for Scorpion to return the favour.


Scissors, crotch claws, corner work and the infamous Keister Bounce are used to weaken each other.  Indeed in this Shiny Ring War both ladies seem to want to inflict as much pain to each others crotch as possible.  


The match ends with one wrestler tied into the ring ropes by her arms and hair whilst her opponent viciously cunt busts her.


The loser is forced on to their hands and knees while the victorious wrestler puts one foot on her back and poses above her.


Lisa King wears a red and white shiny spandex swimsuit, with shiny pantyhose and pro boots

Scorpion wears a matching blue and white shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny tights and pro boots.

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