SGR0138 Shiny gold leotard - Scissor and Facesit Humiliation

Scorpion is in a bad mood, and if you are an SGR Wrestling fan you will know that this means doom for a male specimen.  This time it’s Bert who is on the receiving end as Scorpion scissors him relentlessly, ignoring his taps and making him concede verbally,

Bert does his best to resist but when Scorpion is in a bad mood it will do him no good.


She verbally torments him as she uses her muscular thighs to turn his face beetroot red.


When the scissoring stops the facesitting begins as Scorpion spreads her legs and sits full force on his face shoving her crotch into his face.


If it wasn’t Bert you might feel sorry for him, as today he is Scorpion’s destroyed plaything.


Scorpion wears a shiny gold spandex thong swimsuit and shiny pantyhose.

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