SGR0136 Ring Demolition - Raven vs Killpussy

Killpussy travels Northwards to Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory to take on Manchester’s own Raven in this pro match.


There is a bit of trash talking at the start as the two amazons size each other up, they meet in the centre of the ring and lock hands in a test of strength.  Raven wins the match of muscle and demonstrates to Killpussy why she is known as the “dirtiest player in the game” on the Northern scene as she drags the blonde around the ring by her hair.  Killpussy returns the favour grabbing Raven’s jet black locks and ramming her head into the corner.


With no referee both women throw the rule book out of the window using each others hair, raking eyes, choking across the ropes and stomping on crotches.


After a flurry of dirty tactics, hard hitting moves and stretching submissions one woman emerges triumphant against her barely concious foe, but it is the blonde New Zealander or the Mancunian raven haired beauty?


Raven wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit and black lonsdale pro boots

Killpussy wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit and red lonsdale pro boots

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