SGR0134 Scorpion takes him apart

Chain Male returns to try his luck against Scorpion on the Strong Girls Rule mats.  The two combatants begin by comparing muscles, Scorpion laughs at the size of his biceps as the two lock up in a test of strength.  Scorpion easily overpowers Chain Male and drops him across her knee in a wicked backbreaker.


It’s downhill from there as Scorpion literally takes the plucky male challenger apart with grapevines, camel clutches and scissors.  Chain Male’s grunts of pain echo around the mat room as Scorpion delights in punishing her foe.


The match ends with Scorpion’s foot on Chain Male’s head flexing her biceps in victory.


Scorpion wears a gold shiny spandex swimsuit and shiny pantyhose

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