SGR0133 Dirty Pro Axa Jay vs Scorpion

Scorpion takes on Axa Jay in a pro-am bikini battle in the ring at Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory.  At the start of the match Axa Jay flexes her biceps to show Scorpion her muscles, Scorpion isn’t impressed but before she can demonstrate her biceps, Axa Jay grabs her into a tight headlock and the match is on.


The two ladies take turns putting the hurt on each other using boston crabs, scissors, facesits, fireman carry lifts, airplane spins and bearhugs, they whip each other into the ring posts.  But it isn’t long before the rules begin to be broken stomping on each other’s crotches, standing on hair, ignoring rope breaks.  


The pain and hurt intensifies as the heads are rammed into corner posts, wrestlers are lifted by their crotches until finally one wrestler has no choice but to tap to a wicked grapevine pin as their crotch is spread too far and she has to submit.


The winner poses above the loser with her foot on her crotch.


Axa Jay wears a black shiny spandex bikini with black pro boots and kneepads

Scorpion wears a silver shiny spandex bikini with silver pro boots and kneepads


Please note that Axa Jay has a very minor wardrobe malfunction in this match.

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