SGR0132 Break Him! Killpussy is too mean

Killpussy wearing a lucha-style mask waits on the mats for her challenger, Bert swans on to the mats wearing a tiger shoulder cloak over-confident as ever.


Bert’s cocky demeanour annoys Killpussy who sets about breaking him once and for all, Bert is overpowered easily and finds himself taking to school.


Killpussy uses a variety of holds to extract submissions from Bert including scissors, boston crabs, bow and arrow stretches, tests of strength, fireman carries and airplane spins.


By the end of his prolonged punishment Bert is a sweaty mess on the mats, whilst Killpussy flexes and poses above his sweaty corpse.


Killpussy wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny tights and pro-boots with a red lucha mask.

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