SGR0131 Porras takes a Scissorhold thrashing from Scorpion

Porras has done some stupid things in his challenges with the SGR wrestlers but in this match he does the most foolish thing so far.  It’s early in the match and Scorpion has just earned a super fast submission with a scissors with her powerful 25” thighs when Porras bites her.


This spells doom for Porras as Scorpion unleashes scissor hell on the hapless masked wonder, Porras is squeezed to within an inch of his life in a variety of scissorholds - headscissors, bodyscissors, triangle scissors in both front and reverse variations until finally a first for SGR Wrestling as a handstand headscissors from Scorpion catches a dazed Porras which finishes his punishment as Scorpion poses above him.


Scorpion wears a see-through red lycra swimsuit, with shiny tights and black Lonsdale boots.

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