SGR0130 Justice makes her SGR Debut -

Will she regret it?

There are not many women who can match Killpussy for size and strength, but Justice is certainly one of them as she makes her Strong Girls Rule debut.  The two powerful dominant wrestlers begin by sizing each other up comparing muscles, Killpussy has been training and certainly has more muscle mass, but Justice isn’t intimidated.


They lock-up in a test of strength, tensing their muscles, each trying to force the other powerful warrior to the mats.  KIllpussy and Justice stretch and twist each other in camel clutches and boston crabs, but it’s Killpussy’s strength training which begins to make the difference as Justice is not used to being lifted, carried and slammed.

Killpussy fireman carry lifts, swinging reverse bearhugs and slams Justice, who to her credit keeps fighting right to the bitter end until she is hoisted and torture racked to a final humiliating submission whilst KIllpussy flexes above her,


Killpussy wears a sky blue shiny spandex swimsuit with purple manicure and pedicure

Justice wears a beige shiny spandex swimsuit

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