SGR0128 Lisa King vs Killpussy - Battle of the Blondes

It's the ultimate Battle of the Blondes as the luscious Liverpudlian Lisa King takes on the Amazonian powerhouse, Killpussy at Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory in Manchester.


From the initial lock-up and protracted test of strength it's obvious that Lisa King will need to use all her pro-wrestling experience and skill to stand a chance in this encounter.


Initially Lisa is thrown around with ease by the powerful Killpussy into the ring post and humiliated by being hoisted over her muscular shoulders and carried around the ring.


The two blondes exchange multiple holds, submissions, and both make liberal use of the ropes and posts to inflict pain on their opponent.


In the ensuing canvas carnage is it the wily pro Lisa King or the super strong amazon, Killpussy who wins in this best of three fall thrilling pro-style bout.


Lisa King wears an electric blue shiny spandex swimsuit, shiny tights and pro kneepads and boots.


Killpussy wears a black shiny bikini top with shiny black leggings and black boots.

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