SGR0127 Cute AND Deadly - Athena Scissors him

After getting his ass handed to him repeatedly Bert is pleasantly surprised to see that his opponent is Athena.  Athena is certainly smaller than his usual opponents but Bert is making a big mistake underestimating the toned muscular Athena.


Bert tries to rush her and very quickly finds those defined muscular legs wrapped around his head in a standing head scissor.


It's all downhill for Bert from there as he is decimated by the gorgeous tanned and toned Athena, everytime he taps she pulls him into another hold even releasing one headscissor to pull his nose deep into her crotch before applying another one.


In this one sided domination match you will see standing headscissors, bodyscissors, thigh scissors, grapevines camel clutches and a match ending reverse facesit with Athena flexing showing the definition of her arms, shoulders and back.


Athena wears a purple shiny spandex swimsuit.

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