SGR0125 Raven vs Scorpion - Pro Match

It’s North vs South as Scorpion takes on Raven on her own turf in the ring at the Wrestling Factory in Manchester.  Scorpion is well aware of Raven’s reputation for not abiding by the rules and experiences it first hand when a low blow during a test of strength sends her to the mats.


From this auspicious start the match descends into chaos as both wrestlers ignore the rules using low blows and finger rakes to the breasts to break legitimate holds.  The hard ring posts are used for deadly effect as heads are rammed into them and the ropes are also utlised to gain additional leverage.


Raven is determined not to lose the softy Southerner on her home turf and uses every trick in her playbook but Scorpion is a game opponent.


One valiant warrior must lose in this pro match but is it the aptly named black haired Raven or Scorpion.


This match features postings, bronco buster, ankle locks, bodyscissors, headscissors, leglocks, single-leg crabs, leg spreaders, low blows and much more.


Scorpion wears a long-sleeved stars and stripes lycra leotard

Raven wears a long sleeved skeleton design black and white lycra leotard

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