SGR0124 Laken - dominated by Killpussy

Laken may have bitten off more than she can handle when she challenges Killpussy to a match.  The two wrestlers begin by comparing muscles both their biceps and legs a competition the stunning amazon Killpussy wins easily hands down.  Laken undeterred tells Killpussy “but I’m quick” but isn’t quick enough as Killpussy hoists her above her shoulders in a torture rack.


Whilst Laken’s beautiful body is arched in agony draped across Killpussy’s muscled shoulders in the torture rack, Killpussy demonstrates her strength by performing squats which causes Laken to groan in pain before she is unceremoniously dumped to the mat with a knee placed into her weakened spine while her head is pulled back by her hair.


This is just the start of the punishment for Laken as she is subjected to multiple lifts and humiliating pins by a dominant Killpussy which only ends with a pin with Killpussy sat on her face.


This match features torture racks, fireman carry, crotch lifts, grapevine, facesits, matchbook pins, cradle pins and much more.


Killpussy wears a black latex corset with fishnet tights

Laken wears a blue leopard print lycra swimsuit with shiny tights

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