SGR0123 Down and Dirty in the Woods - Scorpion vs Chain Male

Chain Male should probably avoid going for a walk in the woods when the SGR ladies are about as he gets beaten up again this time by Scorpion.


The rowdy red-head ambushes him from behind in a rear naked choke, jumping onto his back, he desperately tries to remove her by backing into a tree but Scorpion takes him down to the leaf litter.


Once they are on the forest floor it’s all downhill from there as Scorpion punishes him with a gamut of holds.  As she inflicts numerous reverse headscissors, grapevines and facesits, they both get covered with leaves and dirt, and although Chain Male struggles frantically it’s all Scorpion in this one.  Under her perfect arse with her strong legs wrapped tightly his neck Chain Male is left unconscious in the detritus as Scorpion flexes above his defeated corpse.


Scorpion wears a Day of the Dead lycra swimsuit, with shiny pantyhose and black pro boots.

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