SGR0122 Axa Jay vs Killpussy - Crotch + Breast Destruction Match

Axa Jay makes her Strong Girls Rules debut against Killpussy in this pro-match which quickly descends into a competition of who can inflict the most pain to the others breasts and crotch.


Nipples are twisted, breasts are clawed, crotches are pummeled and as the Axa Jay tells Killpussy it’s the perfect match for her as she is going literally “kill her pussy”.


Both women take turns biting the other wrestlers crotch, and Axa Jay’s incredibly large nipples are targeted putting her at a disadvantage.


Submissions are earnt on both sides but in the end one woman can take no more as her legs are spread in the corner on the middle rope as her opponent repeatedly cunt busts her with wicked knees leaving her a writhing wreck in the middle of the ring.


Killpussy wears a shiny gold spandex swimsuit

Axa Jay wears a shiny purple spandex swimsuit

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