SGR0121 Selena vs Scorpion - Selena's SGR Debut

Scorpion challenges visiting International pro-wrestling sensation Selena on her recent visit to the UK.  Our resident red-head is not convinced that a pro-wrestler can hang with a UK session wrestler, because all that pro stuff in America is fake….. Right?


This angers Selena and the two square off in this bout in the ring, with no ref both ladies make liberable use of the ropes and breaking the rules and both seem keen to spread their opponents legs wide and stretch them out as they inflict punishment on each other.


Submissions are earnt on both sides but when the match is over one proud wrestler is knocked out in the middle of the ring whilst her opponent dances around her.


The match features leg spreaders, grapevines, ropework, punches and knees to the gut, rear naked choke, bodyscissors, headscissors and ends in a ko.


Scorpion wears a sky blue swimsuit with shiny tights and pro boots

Selena wears a strappy black swimsuit with shiny tights and pro boots

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