SGR0119 Glamazon Chloe vs Lisa King - Chloe's pro debut

The Glamazon, Chloe Davis makes her SGR debut as she squares off against Lisa King in this pro-style wrestling match.


It’s size and power vs experience as is shown early on when Chloe challenges Lisa King to a test of strength but Lisa outwits her putting Chloe on the back foot.


But Chloe Davis is just too big and powerful for Lisa who ends getting a lesson in domination as the Glamazon whips her from pillar to post dominating Lisa and putting the luscious Liverpudlian in a variety of excruciatingly painful holds.


There is no referee and the Glamazon takes a page from Lisa’s playbook and becomes the dirtiest player in the game using the ring ropes and corner posts to devastating effect.


This match features rope chokes, ring postings, thigh claws, stomach claws, boston crabs, camel clutches and Rikishi-style stinkfaces.


Chloe Davis is bare foot with bra and panties and a fishnet body stocking

Lisa King wears a purple shiny spandex swimsuit with pro boots and knee pads


Please note Chloe Davis has a major wardrobe malfunction in this match

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