SGR0117 Dirty Tactics - Miss KayO + Killpussy gang up on Scorpion

Scorpion is sat on the sofa talking on the phone to her lover, she wants her revenge on Killpussy.  In their last match Killpussy destroyed her by using dirty tactics even biting her crotch.   Now she has her rematch and is confident that this time it’s going to be different.


In the studio however, Killpussy has other ideas.  She has a new student, Miss KayO and a plan to destroy Scorpion once and for all and to end her wrestling career.  She gives Miss KayO and envelope with cash, and offers her a further financial incentive if she does the job.


Killpussy and Scorpion meet on the mats, but surprise Scorpion, Miss KayO is there as well.  At this point Killpussy tells Scorpion it’s a three way and asks her if she is scared.  “Of course not” says Scorpion before she is hit in the back with a metal chain by Miss KayO and choked with it.


The deadly duo begin their masterplan to massacre Scorpion.  They take turns punching her before a wicked low blow from Killpussy drops her to the mats.


What follows is complete destruction, there is no technical wrestling here, just punches, stomps, eye rakes and low blows.


Killpussy even puts her hand into Scorpion’s pants and rakes her crotch, at one point as Miss KayO holds her down, Killpussy bites Scorpion demonstrating how she earned her moniker.


There’s a contract to sign but will the devious duo get Scorpion to place her signature or will she be able to withstand the onslaught of Killpussy and her crony Miss KayO?


Scorpion wears white sports bra and underwear with shiny tights

Killpussy wears black sports bra and underwear with shiny tights

Miss KayO wears neon pink sports bra and underwear with shiny tig

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