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SGR0115 - Killpussy rules - Double Bill - From the Vaults

Killpussy is our resident blonde amazonian powerhouse, and in this special combination release you have an opportunity to see why as we feature two previously released matches with her kicking arse.


SGR0010 Killpussy Welcomes New Girl Krusha

Resident Strong Girl Killpussy welcomes the new girl in town, Krusha!


They start with some trash talk and flexing before Krusha goes in with a tight wristlock.

They exchange moves with sleepers, scissors, bear hugs, headlocks throughout


The first fall is taken with a figure four leglock


Both girls play extremely dirty throughout with hair pulling, tit grabs, belly punching and low blows


The second fall is taken with a reverse facesit


The third fall is taken with a tight headlock


The final fall with a mean facesit and tit grab combo


The winner gets to victory pose over the loser


Killpussy 5'10" (178 cm) 175 lb (80 kg) wears shiny white boots, shiny tan pantyhose, white knee pads and shiny gold spandex leotard

Krusha 5'5" (165 cm) 163 lb (74kg) wears black leather boots, shiny natural pantyhose, black knee pads and shiny turquoise spandex leotard


Shiny Pro Style Match Scorpion vs Killpussy

Oh look out! The girls are playing DIRTY today!!  Killpussy and Scorpion face off on the mat and neither is in the mood to lose. They start with a game of mercy and it descends into chaos from there!! Headlocks! ScissorS! Grapevines! Boston crabs! Pins! Body slams!!

Both girls throw in some low blows, Killpussy is being a particularly naughty girl today and Scorpion is left clutching her groin after a vicious kick.

The winner victory poses over the loser...foot on face!! BAD GIRL!!!Killpussy wears red spandex thong leotard with shiny tan pantyhose and red knee pads

Scorpion wears blue ultra-shiny spandex thong leotard with shiny tan pantyhose and blue knee pads

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