SGR0114 Lucha Pins Match - Scorpion destroys him

A masked Scorpion takes on a skinny masked male specimen in this pins only match.  The last time these two faced (SGR0101) Scorpion absolutely destroyed him, will today be any different?


The answer is pretty obvious straight away as Scorpion lifts him with ease wrapping her arms around his ribs and squeezing before locking fingers in a test of strength.   With almost laughable ease she forces him to the mats.


This is once again lopsided pure destruction as Scorpion folds, stretches and sits on his skinny, truly pathetic form as his girly screams echo around the studio.


It’s a gamut of pins including facesits, grapevines, matchbooks and cradles, the foolish challenger even tries to tickle Scorpion to gain some, any form of advantage to escape the punishment, for which of course Scorpion makes him pay.


In the end, he once again ends up splayed out on the mats with a victorious Scorpion flexing above him.


Scorpion wears a black lucha mask and black shiny spandex bikini.

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