SGR0113 War in the Woods - Killpussy beats him down

Killpussy ambushes Chain Male in the woods grabbing him from behind and trapping him in a full nelson, the wily Chain Male drops down thinking he will escape but she wraps her Amazonian legs around his waist and squeezes before sitting on his face.


She lets him up and wraps her muscled arms around his neck and throws him down to the leaf litter, before splitting him with a wicked grapevine before sitting on his face.  Killpussy tells him he is going to get fucked up before lifting him off his feet in a reverse bearhug.


He falls to the floor and she lays on top of him with her full weight shoving his face into the fallen leaves, dirt and general detritus on the wooded leaf litter, as he frantically struggles to escape.  Poor old Chain Male is getting a full Killpussy beat down.  Trapped in a camel clutch, evil Killpussy doesn’t use her hands initially to pull his head back to torque on his back, she uses his ponytail which by this time is full of leaves.


Showing her strength she throws him over her shoulders she slams him into a tree trunk.before giving him an airplane spin.  


Chain Male is lifted, slammed, and thrown about until he is dropped forcibly over Killpussy’s knee in a beat down ended backbreaker his face contorted in agony and defeat.


Killpussy wears a black patterned lycra swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and black pro boots.

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