SGR0112 Stretch him out - Scorpion dominates Porras

It’s safe to say that Porras hasn’t been too successful against the SGR ladies, but so far this has predominantly take place inside the ring, today he’s decided to see if he has better luck on the mats.


Porras and Scorpion start by verbally sparring poking each other with fingers before Scorpion locks him up in a painful standing octopus hold digging an elbow into his ribs. He has no choice but to submit.


They lock up again and poor Porras finds his masked skull squeezed in a tight headlock his face forced into Scorpion’s ample bosom barely contained in her shiny purple spandex bikini top, before being hip thrown to the mat his arm trapped between her legs as she cranks back on his neck.  The stubborn male grappler refuses to submit and she releases the hold before.  Scorpion continues the punishment trapping him in a Romero surfboard inflicting more pain to his shoulder and back this time he has no choice but to submit.  She doesn’t even let him get to his feet wrapping her muscled legs around his head in a standing headscissors, telling him that she is going to destroy him.


She snapmares him to the mat, before showing her strength and lifting him and cracking his spine across her knee in a backbreaker, again digging her elbow into his stomach to crank on the pain.  She continues to torture his back with camel clutches, body scissors before finally ending yet another Porras defeat with a boston crab, flexing while sitting on his spent and defeated form.


Scorpion wears a purple shiny spandex micro bikini and black pro boots.

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