SGR0111 WonderWoman destroys MachoMan's puny legs

A new male challenger steps onto the mats to face Scorpion, the completely inappropriately named MachoMan.  Distinctly unimpressed Scorpion flexes and compares biceps and legs muscles with this unimpressive male specimen.  He confidently tells her that she will never crush him, well MachoMan lets see!


Scorpion takes him down to the mats in a headlock before making him cry out in pain with a Boston Crab.  She pulls him up from the mats by his hair, and traps him in a rear naked choke to lift him up even further before fingerlocking him back to the mats and trapping his spindly legs in a figure four leglock.


She continues to torture MachoMan or should we say MachoWimp, with Boston Crabs, Legbars (while choking him with a boot), Sharpshooter and various other painful holds.  Before finally nearly breaking his legs with a reverse figure four leglock.


Inevitably the Machoman is face down on the mats with a triumphant Scorpion flexing whilst pulling his head back by his hair.


MachoMan indeed!


Scorpion wears a lycra Wonder Woman swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and white pro wrestling boots.

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