SGR0110 Kay O vs Killpussy - Scissor War

It’s not very often that a SGR debuting wrestler can match our very own Killpussy for power. But that’s exactly what happened when Miss Kayo steps onto the mats to challenge our resident powerhouse to a match, which very quickly turns into a Scissors War!


They lock up in a test of strength and Miss Kayo takes our very own blonde bombshell to the mats and very quickly wraps her legs around her torturing her in a strength sapping scissorhold which quickly forces a tap out.  Before Killpussy can catch her breath Miss Kayo grabs her head and traps her in a tight headscissors before a reverse bodyscissors has her tapping again.


Miss Kayo’s strategy is to not let up as before Killpussy can even regain a vertical base she extracts another submission this time with a headscissors,


Miss Kayo dominates Killpussy making her submit to a variety of scissors decidedly unimpressed with the resistance provided by the Kiwi.  KIllpussy complains that she isn’t fighting fair as she’s not letting her get up.  Miss Kayo, her confidence increasing, decides that for her to release each powerful scissor Killpussy must say “I submit Miss Kayo”.


However, Miss Kayo gets overconfident, and once you allow Killpussy an opening you will find yourself in trouble.  She finally wraps her legs around Miss Kayo and shows her why she’s the dirtiest player in the game as breast grabs, eyes rakes and other dirty tricks are thrown into the mix whilst her opponent is trapped between those powerful thigh muscles.  It’s now Killpussy’s turn to make Miss Kayo say “Killpussy I submit” as time and time again she is scissored and forced to submit whether it’s to a body scissor or headscissor or even lifted into the reverse piledriver position with her headscissored.


In the end one powerful wrestler is forced to concede the match laying flat on her back while the conqueror flexes above her.


Killpussy wears a pink shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny pantyhose

Miss Kayo wears a patterned lycra swimsuit with tan pantyhose

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