SGR0109 Sweaty Feet Worship - Killpussy - POV

You’ve just finished an hour long wrestling session with Killpussy, it’s blisteringly hot and you are both dripping with sweat.  As you lay exhausted on the mats Killpussy decides to have some fun, she walks across the mats leaving a trail of sweaty footprints, she wants you to remove the sweat from her feet and you try to back away as she shows you the perspiration between her toes.


Her feet look perfect with their painted toe nails but the sweat is glistening on them as she rubs them in your face.  She spreads her toes wide showing the pooling between them as she forces you to worship them.


You are helpless to escape as she forces her wet soles into your face in this prolonged post session humiliation.


Killpussy wears a patterned lycra swimsuit with blue painted toenails

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