SGR0108 Scorpion pins Porras

Scorpion is making her way to the ring when Porras desperate for any advantage to finally get a win over the SGR ladies sneak attacks Scorpion from behind.  It doesn’t work as once in the ring he is tied up in a standing butterfly lock and finds his head rammed into the ring post.


They break and this pins only match begins properly and they tie up in the middle of the squared circle.  As they lock-up Scorpion stamps on Porras foot and after throwing him to the mat has a near pin full with a folding reverse matchbook pin.


Porras’s frustration at his inability to make any headway is obvious as he foolishly calls Scorpion a bitch and gets a wickedly deep Boston Crab as punishment, unfortunately its pins over so no tap outs to escape for him.


Scorpion sits on his head and pulls his legs back in a Texas Cloverleaf determined to humiliate the “Mighty” Porras.  This is followed by another near fall with Scorpion counting to three, but Porras manages to get his foot to the ropes.  Another near fall from a folding matchbook pin, but he manages to get his shoulder up but there is no escape as Scorpion repositions herself and places her full weight on his face and folds him up again.


After some more tenderizing of Porras’s limbs another pin from a matchbook is averted when Porras is able to wrap his legs around Scorpion in a scissors to force her to relinquish her position.


This only enrages Scorpion and Porras is punished repeatedly until finally the match ends with an unusual pin which has Porras completely trapped before the post match humiliation as Scorpion sits on his face posing before smothering him out with a hand over mouth smother, because no-one wants to hear Porras’s pathetic excuses.


Scorpion wears a stars and stripes long sleeved spandex leotard and pro-wrestling boots and shiny pantyhose

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