SGR0107 Athena gets a Lift & Carry Domination from Killpussy

If watching a smaller fit hardbody being dominated, lifted and carried by a taller stronger amazon is your fantasy then this is the match for you.  Athena (5’ 4”)  makes her Strong Girls Rule debut against our very own KIllpussy (5’ 9”).


From the beginning of the match it is obvious that Athena has accepted a challenge she can’t possibly hope to win as Killpussy towers over.


Killpussy picks up her effortlessly and dumps her to the mat, sits on her before positioning herself on her face, folding Athena up in a matchbook pin.  Killpussy then punishes Athena with a reverse matchbook pin and slaps her ass to add to the humiliation.


Letting her up Killpussy then lifts her off her feet in a crushing bearhug, Athena can only kick her legs in the air as the breath is taken from her body, once again dumped to the mat KIllpussy folds her up again and this time keeps her pinned down with just one muscled leg.


Killpussy lifts her up again in a scoop position and holds her there before spinning her round effortlessly.  Dumped again to mat Athena’s nose is engulfed in a deep reverse facesit as Killpussy flexes her biceps, before twerking on her face, further adding to Athena’s humiliation.


To her credit Athena tries to put up some resistance but a prolonged reverse bearhug further saps her strength, as she is lifted high futilely kicking her feet as she is lifted high from the mats.


Picked up in a fireman’s carry, Athena is humiliated as Killpussy performs squats with a helpless opponent still carried on her shoulders.  Athena is then the victim of an aeroplane spin before being slammed into the wall whilst still atop Killpussy’s shoulders.


More bearhugs and facesits continue until finally Killpussy gets bored and flexes above her smaller foe who is utterly defeated by the superior amazon.


Killpussy wears a patterned swimsuit

Athena wears a shiny spandex silver micro bikini

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