SGR0106 Scorpion dominates Chain Male

The supremely confident Chain Male steps onto the Strong Girls Rule mats, he tells us he is flexible and strong, and whilst he is certainly taller than his opponent today, Scorpion, that’s about the only thing going for him.


They lock up in a test of strength which to give the new boy credit he does at least try but inevitably it's not long before he finds his head being crushed by Scorpion’s strong biceps in a side headlock.  Taken to the mat still with his head stuck in a side headlock he finds his arm trapped in a leg armbar whilst having his eyes raked by his vastly superior female foe,


Another armbar whilst being choked out by a boot, and perhaps at this stage Chain Male may think he’s made a mistake challenging Scorpion, the headscissors that is applied next would confirm that he’s made a massive mistake.


During the match so far it’s been his head and arms taking the punishment, Scorpion being the considerate opponent that she is goes to work on his back and lower body with a grapevine, bow and arrow and camel clutch.


She sits on his face and then tortures him with a single leg boston crab.  It’s all too much for him and he ends up face down on the mat in agony while a flexing victorious Scorpion sits on his head.


This clip contains pre and post fight interviews with both wrestlers.


Scorpion wears a blue shiny spandex swimsuit with tan shiny pantyhose and white pro boots.

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