SGR0105 WonderWoman vs SuperWoman

Superwoman (Killpussy) in her civilian guise is running through the woods when her super senses alert her that WonderWoman is close by.   The two heroines have had a previous disagreement and so she ducks behind a tree to get ready.


WonderWoman (Scorpion) is also running through the woods and senses the presence of the other heroine and transforms into her costume (in homage to the classic 70’s series using the spinning transformation).


The two heroines approach each other and go nose to nose, flexing their biceps.  They lock up in a test of strength and the Amazon Princess of Themyscira overpowers the Kryptonian and grapevines her on the forest floor.  The two heroines are evenly matched and SuperWoman is able to reverse the position and now it's WonderWoman’s legs which are being stretched wide in a grapevine while Kryptonian breasts smother her face.


The proud princess powers out and puts SuperWoman into a single leg boston crab, but is forced to relinquish the hold when she is blinded by a handful of dirt thrown into her eyes, and then finds herself lifted and squeezed by the powerful arms of her adversary before nearly being snapped in two as she is dropped across the knee of SuperWoman in a backbreaker.  Further humiliation is inflicted as her crotch is bitten and raked by the enraged SuperWoman.


WonderWoman decides to fight fire with fire and grabs SuperWoman’s blonde hair and throws her to the forest floor and places her in a camel clutch using her hair to pull back hard.  Kryptonian screams echo around the deserted forest.  Remembering the indignities inflicted on her earlier WonderWoman sits on her opponent's face and claws at her crotch, before tying her to a tree clawing at her crotch again and belly punching her.


But SuperWoman breaks free and lifts the Amazon Princess off the floor in a one-handed chokelift, lifting her off the floor in a reverse bearhug and body slamming her over her knee.  A boston crab and camel clutch follows, before she is once again blinded by leaf litter and dirt unceremoniously kicked into her face.


A weakened WonderWoman is then hog-tied and left covered in dirt in the deserted forest, her humiliation complete.


Killpussy wears a SuperWoman lycra swimsuit

Scorpion wears a classic 70’s tv series WonderWoman lycra swimsuit.

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