SGR0104 Killpussy breaks him

A cocky male challenger resplendent in silver shiny spandex shorts and lucha mask steps onto the mats to take on Killpussy.  She is obviously amused that this pathetic specimen thinks he can take her.


She immediately takes him to the mats and puts him in a camel clutch nearly snapping him in two as she leans back, after some prolonged agony he taps and she punishes him further by forcing his face into her feet.


She lets him up before taking him down again and inflicts more pain to his spine as she locks him in a boston crab.  As he screams she alternates grabbing each leg into a single leg camel clutch which soon has him slapping the mat to tap out.


He is then unceremoniously scooped up and slammed to the mat and put in a grapevine and breast smother combination, as his shrieks continue more pain is inflicted in a bow and arrow hold.


More and more pain is inflicted on his back as he is stretched in continuing holds until he can take no more.  The post match forfeit is also brutal as Killpussy stands on him bouncing with her full weight.


Killpussy wears a patterned swimsuit with blue painted toenails.

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