SGR0101 Angry Scorpion fucks him up

Scorpion is creating a trail of destruction, first she destroyed Killpussy with scissorholds (SGR0099), then she obliterated a pathetic male jobber in the ring (SGR0100) and now the culmination as an angry Scorpion absolutely destroys an unwitting male victim.


This is not your normal Strong Girls Rule clip Scorpion is merciless as she punches his belly hard, before grabbing his balls.  In fact his testicles are a recurring target as they are twisted, slapped and kicked in this utter annihilation.  Scorpion is evil when she is angry, she scissors him, spread his legs wide before each time returning to damaging his man-junk.

If the destruction of a feeble male by a dominant pissed off female is your dream then this is the clip for you


Scorpion wears a gold shiny swimsuit with shiny pantyhose and a mean attitude to boot.

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