SGR0100 Scorpion crushes a pathetic jobber

Scorpion is certainly developing a harder edge this month, and the destruction she is dishing out is certainly escalating (see SGR0101).  In this ring match a pathetic jobber is well and truly crushed from the opening bell to the closing bell.


The poor unfortunate is battered from pillar to post with a range of moves including eye rakes, stomps, camel clutch, full nelsons, scissors, all he can do is wail in pain as Scorpion’s sadistic side takes delight in punishing his pathetic form.


Once she has him in the corner side kicks to the gut take him to a sitting position where she spreads his legs wide, torturing his delicate groin as she splits him in two.


A final figure-four headscissors does him in as she poses above him in victory, however not satisfied she kicks him out of the ring unceremoniously onto the area floor.


One has to pity the fool who faces her next (see SGR0101).


Scorpion wears an electric blue shiny swimsuit with white kneepads and pro boots.

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