SGR0097 You can't trust the Referee

Killpussy stands in the middle of the ring in her referee’s outfit as she introduces the two combatants to the ring.  First to enter the ring is Scorpion looking all business as she enters the ring and stands in her corner.  The next to enter the ring is Porras, after his last defeat to Scorpion there is some bad blood, and Killpussy reminds each wrestler that she wants a good clean match.  As they step forward to the centre of the ring, Scorpion gives Porras a cheeky face slap which he complains to referee Killpussy about.


The match is on and Scorpion takes Porras down in a wicked sleeper hold and body scissor combination, but what’s this the referee gives the point to Porras in what is the first in a number of dubious calls which has both Scorpion and Porras as separate points complaining bitterly.


Finally as the match continues Killpussy tires of the constant complaining concerning her refereeing skills and decides to teach them both a lesson.  Single-handedly Killpussy takes them both down, and demonstrates her power as she puts them both in holds including a double camel clutch and double boston crab.


In the end it’s not the masked marvel, Porras or the sultry Scorpion which stands triumphant but referee Killpussy who sits astride their unconscious bodies in the middle of the ring.


Scorpion wears a long sleeved stars and stripes leotard with white boots and red kneepads

Killpussy wears a referee black and white striped leotard with black boots and kneepads

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