SGR0096 She's too big and strong for you - Size Comparison & Lift and Carry

A new male challenger has stepped onto the Strong Girls Rule mats, he wears a lucha style mask to hide is identity, but as Killpussy (his opponent for the day) suggests it’s probably to hide his embarrassment for the impending loss he is about experience.


Killpussy laughs at his feeble physique as they compare biceps, even going as far to get out the tape measure.  First the challengers bicep is measured at a measly 11 inches, Killpussy’s are a far superior 15 inches.


They then move onto the legs, and once again the challenger is dwarfed by Killpussy’s powerful thighs.


Once the measurements are complete Killpussy demonstrates her strength by effortlessly lifting and then carrying the feeble male around the mats, each time dropping him and posing above his feeble form.  Aside from the usual fireman’s carry, body press and over shoulder we also see a throat lift and finally lifting him just using her feet and his testicles.  By the end there is no doubt that Killpussy is just too big, and certainly too strong for his pathetic male specimen, as she poses with one foot on his genitals.


Killpussy wears a day of the dead swimsuit

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