SGR0095 Belly and Crotch DESTRUCTION Match

Scorpion and Killpussy lock in in the ring for this bikini pro wrestling bout.  Although tentative at first it’s Scorpion who strikes first choking Killpussy down to the mat and punishing her with a breast claw followed by a belly punch and a crotch claw.  Scorpion has been taking notes after her repeated losses to Killpussy and uses a multitude of dirty tactics as she stomps on the blonde amazon’s crotch and lifts her up from the mat by her hair.  She ties her up in the ropes and continues the punishment with more belly punches, a stomach claw.  Scorpion then spreads her legs across the middle ropes in the corner and performs another crotch claw for good measure.


Scorpion continues to punish Killpussy but gets overconfident and it’s not long before she finds herself in a Tree of Woe which Killpussy takes full advantage of with a wicked crotch bite!  Scorpion is in real trouble, and pain.


Scorpion’s breasts, belly and crotch are the targets, and repeatedly she is clawed and stomped.  A wicked final Coast to Coast kick to the crotch ends it as Scorpion’s intimate areas can take no more.  Killpussy is victorious once more, and Scorpion is a pained heap on the canvas.


Scorpion wears a shiny silver micro bikini with black boots

Killpussy wears a shiny red micro bikini with sky blue boots.

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