SGR0094 Boxing in the Ring - Total domination

You’ve booked the ring at Monica’s to challenge Killpussy to a boxing match session.  The tall blonde Amazon steps into the ring, and you are in trouble.


Her swift jabs jar you, as she backs you up into the corner before doubling you up with some body shots, she allows you to get your breath back before meeting again in the middle of the ring.


More jabs are followed by more body shots as she gets past your pitiful defence.  She toys with you, gloating before coming back to rock you time and time again with powerful punches.


Eventually she knocks you to the floor, and continues to punch you while you are down, punishing you for your pathetic attempts.


You foolishly get up before an thunderous uppercut knocks you down and out.  Once more Killpussy is victorious.


Killpussy wears a sky blue shiny swimsuit with gold and black boxing gloves and shiny flesh coloured pantyhose.

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