SGR0093 Humiliated at Fight Club

Killpussy is shadow boxing in the Strong Girls Rule Fight Club gym when a potential new fighter joins.  Killpussy isn’t quite sure, as he certainly doesn’t have the look of a fighter so she challenges him to a fight, and the foolish man accepts.


They lock up in a test of strength which Killpussy easily wins, once he’s down to the mats he is scissored, belly punched and kicked.  She stretches him with a wicked boston crab, before sitting on his back and camel clutching him while she forces his face into her black boots.


She forces him to kiss her boots, before making him untie the laces, and kiss and lick her sweaty feet.  What follows is ultimate foot domination as the would-be fighter is forced to smell, kiss and lick her feet.


Killpussy wears a black shiny bikini top with gold fishscale leggings and black laced boots initially and then bare feet after.

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