SGR0092 Amazon Shiny Scissor Domination

The legendary luchador Porras returns to the ring to try and finally pick up that elusive win against the Thunder from Down Under, the Amazon Killpussy.


Unfortunately for Porras today is not that day, Killpussy has some new shiny tights and she’s going to show them off by destroying Porras in the ring with scissorholds.


From the moment they lock-up Porras is in trouble, and whilst he tries to mount some offense it is batted aside as time and time again he finds himself trapped between Killpussy’s powerful legs.


Headscissors, neckscissors, reverse headscissors, figure-four headscissors - if it’s a scissorhold Porras find himself trapped in it during this torturous match in the ring at Monica’s.


Eventually it proves to much for our masked warrior as he finds himself flat on his back with Killpussy flexing as she straddles him.


Killpussy wears a sky blue shiny swimsuit with shiny pantyhose white kneepads and pro-boots

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