SGR0091 Pro Match - Lift & Carry Domination

Of late Killpussy has been getting the upperhand in her wrestling matches with Scorpion, the only recent blip on her record recently was SGR0075 where Scorpion destroyed her lady parts in a wicked grapevine match.  This is a fact that Scorpion is only to happy to remind Killpussy of as they meet once again in the ring at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.


They lock up and Killpussy rakes Scorpion’s face along the ring ropes before picking her up and squeezing her in a reverse bearhug.  Today Killpussy is all business and determined to show Scorpion her amazonian power.


She lifts Scorpion over her shoulders and rams her head into the ring post, Scorpion has to resort to a breastclaw to get Killpussy to release her.


Scorpion is repeatedly thrown around the ring or lifted onto Killpussy’s powerful shoulders even becoming a victim of a Cesaro swing, time and again she only escapes but using her guile and cunning to escape whether it via an eye rake or a well timed headscissors.


Eventually her luck runs out as she is the victim of another Cesaro Swing, racked across Killpussy’s shoulder and hung in the Tree of Woe until she finally concedes the match.


Killpussy wears a shiny electric blue swimsuit with adidas pro wrestling shoes and white kneedpads.

Scorpion wears a shiny white swimsuit with matching black Lonsdale wrestling shoes and kneepads

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