SGR0090 Tomiko vs Scorpion - Oily Test of Strength

Tomiko becomes the latest gladiator to take on Scorpion in the latest Woman to Woman Test of Strength.  This match is with a twist as the women first coat themselves in coconut oil, as they apply the slick substance they comment on each other’s physiques and speculate about each other’s power and attributes.


The coconut oil makes their skin shine as they lock up for the first of many tests of strength.  They stretch, squeeze and torture each other with grapevines, bearhugs, stomach claws, thigh scissors and many more holds.


They are evenly match and as the match progresses their breathing becomes heavier and heavier, as they each in turn become more aroused by the body of their opponent in combination with the coconut oil, until this one reaches a mutually satisfying slithering and writhing trib finish.


Tomiko wears a black sports bra with Stars & Stripes briefs

Scorpion wears a yellow sports bra with black briefs

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