SGR0088 Amazon Cop Pro-style domination

Cop Killpussy is chasing a felon who has taken advantage of a little old lady, she finally corners him and drops him with a knee to the groin.  She is incensed at this behaviour and is determined to teach this crook a lesson.  A Pro-Style Wrestling lesson in pain.


Wrenching camel clutches, leg spreading manhood splitting grapevines, back breaking boston crabs and torturous belly punches are used to great effect to teach this criminal a proper version of hard time, Killpussy-style.


His screams echo as hold after hold is applied with the whole intention of maximum punishment, a final devastating camel clutch leaves our villain prostrate on the floor, as the victorious policewoman poses above flexing her muscles at another successful apprehension.


Killpussy wears a police officer's blouse, with black pants, shiny tights and black boots.

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